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New Creative Writing Scholarship Offered


Hush Puppy Books children’s press announced today the establishment of a new $2,500 semi-annual (December and May) scholarship award open to all undergraduates attending any US based junior college, college, or university. The award will be based on a 250-300-word review of either one of our two children’s stories — Longfellow and The Deep and Hidden Woods (ISBN 978-1610983440) or A Very Extra-Ordinary Place (978-1610983365).

The scholarship will be awarded based on originality, creativity, and the proper use of punctuation and grammar. Only one review of either of the books is required, but reviewing both books will be an advantage. The review of no more than 300 words must be posted to The review must be made in the student’s own name and the review must also be posted to at least two social media sites, again under the student’s own name. Verification will be required.

To formally enter, please submit the final text of your review(s) to Your entry must also include links to the social media sites where your reviews are posted.

The scholarship is only open to US citizens currently enrolled as college students. Verification of current student status will be required upon scholarship award.

A profile of each of our winners will be featured right here on

Here are some things you should know.

  • When making your submission, please include your full name, your age, the school you attend and your year  in school (Freshman, Junior, etc.).
  • When considering the social media to which you will post your review, don’t over look YouTube and Pinterest.  Remember, the object here is creativity and originality.
  • The best submissions will be featured on our Facebook page, Tumblr page, and promoted through our Twitter account. We want to acknowledge and reward your hard work.


Be sure to download a pdf copy of the official rules for this scholarship program here!

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3 thoughts on “College Scholarship

  1. A Very Extra-Ordinary Place
    This story is probably targeted for a 3rd grade student. Each clause seems to be composed of the appropriate amount of words. It introduces some new words that the average 3rd grade student may not know, but it doesn’t push for words that would take them forever to understand. The length of this book may be a bit longer at their age. If there is anyway to make it about 20 pages long it would be very good. The illustrations are probably the best part of the book: they’re very animated and I think it would help to keep the reader reading. I feel like the title is safe, but it could always be better, however it is very hard to mix up with any other book than a children’s book. Transitions from sentence to sentence seem to be well done.

    • thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. i am of the mind that longer books are better than shorter books. there’s no law that a book has to be finished in one sitting, even for a kid. i agree that the illustrations are the best part of the book; that’s the case for all really good picture books. i’m not sure i know what a safe title, as opposed to an unsafe title, is. safe for what? safe from what?

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